E-Learning Symposium 2015 Speaker Search

E-Learning Symposium 2015 is scheduled for May 7, 2015. We are looking for great speakers that can

  • Discuss Industry Trends
  • Demo examples of great E-Learning
  • Teach new techniques in instructional design or technology

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Already scheduled to appear are:

  • Dr. John Gillis, First Order Consulting, Emcee
  • Dr. Clark Quinn, Quinnovation
  • Dr. Kevin Gumienny, MicroAssist, Why are you Ready to Go Mobile
  • Lou Russell, Russell, Martin & Associates, No Holy Grail: The Truth About Agile, Gamification and Quick Fixes

Interested?  Submit a speaker proposal now


Elearning for Outreach Purposes

There’s training that you are required to take and finish—compliance training for ethics, sexual harassment, information security. Safety training. Training that you must complete before you use specialized applications.

And then there’s training that you don’t have to take. Training that you need to be persuaded to take. One way to think about this kind of training is as outreach.

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Quicker Development: Use a Storyboard

It might seem like a good idea to cut development time by eliminating the storyboard. After all, once you have your content down, it would be quicker to just jump into your development tool and start programming the course.


A storyboard is a graphical representation of what the learner will see once they enter the learning environment. There are many different methods to create storyboards–I’ll link to some examples at the end of the article–but they generally have a mock-up of the screen, the narration script, and any special instructions for developers (such as how items should animate on the screen, or how an interaction should work). Once the designer outlines how the content should be displayed in the storyboard, the design can be implemented in authoring software.

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