Twitter Storm: Discussion on Creating Content vs Creating Learning?

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Twitter Storm

What is a Twitter Storm?  It’s a concept we’re playing with.  Elements of a Twitter Storm are:

  • Discussion on a focused topic within a fixed length of time
  • Sharing of resource on that topic


Takeaways about Project Teams, Project Motivation Project Methodologies and Gamification

Dr. Kevin Gumienny
Dr. Kevin Gumienny

Lou Russell’s presentation, The Truth About Agile, Gamification and Quick Fixes,  was easily one of the most popular at E-Learning Symposium 2015. An engaging speaker, she had a lot of strong take takeaways on a wide range of topics.

Project Teams

Be aware that the project team no longer exists. We all have so many projects, and so little time to effectively focus on them—maybe a couple of hours of focus time each day—that no one can be on a team where the only focus is on one project. Instead, we do bits and pieces as time allows. We need to approach project management from that perspective.

Are your teams internal or external? Internal teams know the politics, processes, power relationships, and history. External (consulting) teams offer other experiences, energy, focus—and they have to do a good job on this one so that they get hired for the next. Internal teams have a budget; external teams have a contract. Both have advantages. Internal teams know who the real players are, what the nature of the organization is. External teams can break up political processes. [Read more…]