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Handout from Clark Quinn’s ELS 2015 Presentation

Dr. Clark Quinn
Dr. Clark Quinn

Dr. Clark Quinn delivered a strong keynote presentation The Learning & Development Revolution We Need to Have at E-Learning Symposium 2015.   The presentation succinctly explained why current learning practices fail to deliver results and outlined a path forward to help L&D departments deliver to the critical needs of organizations.

Clark has kindly provided a handout of his presentation– Clark Quinn’s ELS 2015 Learning & Development Revolution Handout.  Also check out our ELS 2015 Live Tweet Log for notes from Clark’s presentation and handout.  If you are interested in revolutionizing your company’s learning and development function we’d highly recommend that you buy Clark’s book – Revolutionize Learning & Development: Performance and Innovation Strategy for the Information Age


Twitter Feed Curated from ELS2015 #livetweetlog

E-Learning Symposium 2015 was one of the best covered symposiums on social media.  A number of attendees and even speakers got into the act and live tweeted the conference.   We’ve curated some of the best we found below (feel free to add the ones we missed to the comments).

 May 11

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 May 9

RT : totally agree with that learning styles are a myth

 May 9

safely back home after a great couple of days at ’s thanks to all!

 May 8

Project objectives are different than learning objectives, but just as important when designing a course. Don’t skip.

Divide a project into roles. But just because you have many roles, it doesn’t mean you won’t play more than one role.

Just had to plead the tweet because I missed the question that Lou asked me.

Only two reasons to do projects are to increase revenue and avoid costs. Ask your sponsor which a project is.

All compliance projects are avoid cost projects.

When you go to a project sponsor with a problem, always go with at least two solutions.

The role of a project manager in an elearning project has nothing to do with instructional design.

Cool — a resource for Mobile Learning [Read more…]

Photos from E-Learning Symposium 2015

E-Learning Symposium 2015 was a tremendous success (and a great deal of fun!). Kudos to Kelly Rossi for organizing a great session. Kelly usual role is project manager of MicroAssist’s elearning group. Kelly is also an amazing photographers–she took many of the great pictures at ELS (the not so great ones were taken by the rest of us).

Photos from ELS 2015

Posted by E-Learning Council on Tuesday, May 12, 2015