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Marketing Training -- Why and how to create a market for your learning

I presented Marketing Training to Austin ASTD and decided to capture those thoughts in a Prezi.   Presenting the value of training to decision makers is part of the core mission of the E-Learning Council.   Creating good marketing for training products is vital to the ongoing success of training departments.   Please comment and add your thoughts. 

Adobe's eLearning Evangelist: The Future of "21st-Century" Training & Development (Interview)

[This interview is syndicated to the eLearning Council by Bloomfire's Blog, whose senior editor, Nemo Chu, conducts regular interviews with movers and shakers in the training and development world. The Bloomfire team also hosts regular free webinars, including an upcoming one on Building Effective Communities of Practice.]

Dr. Allen Partridge is the eLearning Evangelist for Adobe. In addition to his work for Adobe Systems, he continues to serve on the doctoral faculty in the Communications Media and Instructional Technology program at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Allen has written several books and a host of articles on topics ranging from 3D game development to Instructional Design for new technologies. He is active in explorations of Immersive Learning as well as traditional multimedia enhanced eLearning and rapid eLearning. Allen works closely with the eLearning Suite and Captivate teams at Adobe, providing a channel to customer needs and concerns and helping facilitate communication among team members.

Captain SMEID and the Wayward Learner

During the Captain SMEID presentation at the E-Learning Symposium, participants offered good thoughts from various perspectives on best practices for online learning. We hope you can find some valuable observations from the compilation of ideas in the attached *.pdf file.  You must login or register in order to download the file.

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