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E-Learning Symposium 2009

E-Learning Symposium 2009 was a tremendous success.   We had over 100 folks join us and some of the best presentations I've seen at any conference.

E-Learning Symposium 2009 presentations are being posted at E-Learning Symposium 2009 Agenda

We are also working to get pictures from the Symposium up as soon as possible.  Planning for ELS 2010 is already under way!  Several sponsors were so impressed that they signed up for next year already.

Storyboarding Best Practices

This session will discuss Storyboarding Best Practices including:

  • Standard Templates
  • Review Process
  • Accessibility Techniques
  • Revision Process

Debby Kalk, Cortex Interactive

FREE Tools

As always, Tom from the Rapid eLearning Blog posted some valuable links for developers.  The following are FREE tools:
1. Pixie
Pixie is a simple color picker.  It gives me the hexadecimal or RGB color codes.  I use it all the time to pull colors from images when I work in PowerPoint.  All you do is open it and then you can pick a color from any part of your computer screen. 

E-Learning in the 21st Century

I was also honored to present the first session of the day over eLearning trends and tools at the 2009 State of Texas DIR E-Learning Forum. For those who missed the presentation or would just like to see it again, I've added it here. I must give credit to Dr. Mark David Milliron for the trends table I saw in one of his own presentations as well as inspiration for structuring the presentation. Be sure to visit SlideShare directly to see my notes and sources.

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