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ELS 2010 - Julie Preston - Are Games the Same

ELS 2010 - Julie Preston - Are Games the Same

Presentation from Enspire's Julie Preston "Are Games the Same?  Update the Blueprint for your E-Learning Process to Leverage Game Development Techniques."     In this presentation she talked about:

  • What is a Learning Game
  • Learning Process
  • Game Process
  • Game Types:  Casual Games, Platform Games, Adventure & Role-Playing Games, Alternate Reality Games,
  • Recommended Learning Game Process
  • Game Metrics

Ms. Preston also  provided a great checklist as well as resources for game development (attached below)

Please note that you have to be logged in to download the presentation.  

E-Learning Symposium 2010 - Presentation Drawings for the "Art of E-Learning"

As promised, the pictures drawn by the presenters to represent their respective topics are displayed in the attached file (please login to view the downloadable PDF file).  We have included a "translation" for each presenter’s artwork in case you can't read your notes!

E-Learning Symposium 2010 Photos

Photos by Nicole R. Stallings, MicroAssist, Inc.

E-Learning: How long is just right

The Connected Learner  has an interesting post on how long you should make an e-learning course.   Among the factors to consider are:

  • Audience
  • Management Desire
  • Does the course have to be taken at one time or can it be spaced
  • How much time does the audience have?
  • Does the course consist of Content, Practice, or Testing
  • What extras does the course have
  • Is it a single course or multiple courses

You can read the entire post at The Connected Learner: Self-Paced Elearning: How long is just right?

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