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Social Media Provides Jet Fuel to Boost E-Learning – Part 1

How can social media boost effectiveness of traditional E-Learning courses? E-Learning and social media each facilitate the transfer of information across long distances and great divides. It should be simple, then, to find a symbiotic relationship between the two.

Let’s start with Twitter. The combination of Twitter’s forced brevity and its focus on topically-engineered “hashtags” provide an efficient way to aggregate snippets of information (that may also include external links) relevant to a specific subject. For instance, associating the #elearning hashtag to your tweet will include it among the vast sea of search results for E-Learning-related tweets.

Houston 2013 E-Learning Symposium: From Storytelling to Immersive Simulation

Debbie Richards  
Presenter: Debbie Richards


Houston 2013 E-Learning Symposium: Trainers as Curators of Ideas: A New Metaphor for the Digital Age

Corinne Weisgerber  

Presenter: Corinne Weisgerber

Introduction to WAI-ARIA with Rich Schwerdtfeger, IBM CTO Accessibility

Hiram Kuykendall, CTO MicroAssist
Recently, Hiram Kuykendall, MicroAssist's CTO had an instructive conversation with Rich Schwerdtfeger, CTO Accessibility, IBM Software on the WAI-ARIA (ARIA) software development standard for web based applications. 

WAI-ARIA defines a way to make Web content and Web applications more accessible to people with disabilities. It especially helps with dynamic content and advanced user interface controls developed with Ajax, HTML, JavaScript, and related technologies.

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