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Webinar Highlights: Developing Strategies for Enabling the Mobile Workforce

Yesterday, Marcus Turner—CTO of Atomic Axis—gave a webinar on Developing Strategies for Enabling the Mobile Workforce.

He began his presentation by highlighting the ubiquity of smartphones and tablets, and how they are increasingly becoming the first point of contact between a business—both its customers and employees. The increasing popularity of these devices is beginning to overtake that of PCs or laptops they and are slowly becoming the tools of choice for employees. Furthermore, mobile devices make "anytime, anywhere" workers a reality, and help shape a world where work is now being defined not as a place you go to, but what you do.

ELS 2012 - Roadmap to Mobile Learning - Growth of Mobile



ELS 2012 - Roadmap to Mobile Learning - Growth of Mobile



Planning and Project Management of an E-Learning Project

The success of your E-Learning initiative begins and ends with project management. E-Learning projects are more complex to manage than traditional learning projects because they involve technology and training. There's more risk, more time constraints, more budget pressures, and more failures in communication.

By the end of this seminar you should be able to manage an E-Learning project so that it is:

  • Effective
  • Within budget
  • On Time

Our Managing E-Learning Projects workshop will show you an adaptive and agile methodology for E-Learning projects that will help you prevent pitfalls commonly found in an E-Learning project. Topics covered include:

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