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Training as a Marketing and Sales Tool

In the training industry, we are accustomed to the use of training to teach a skill that's necessary for a vocation or an avocation.  I believe that there is going to be a dramatic increase in the use of training as a sales tool.  Increasingly customers are tuning out advertisments--in a sense advertisements largely serve the needs of just the advertisers and not the customer.  

An experiment -- Google "Elearning" News Feed under News Clips

Ever click on the "News Clips" menu item on the left?  Go ahead, it's the top item on the list.  What is it?  The E-Learning Council website aggregates contents from several different websites focused on E-learning using RSS feeds.   The titles and a small excerpt are included on this page.  Interested in a topic, click on the link and you can go to the original website/blog/etc. 

The News Clips section allows you to view the feeds by Categories (right now we have three categories defined) and Sources.  

Accessibility in Web and Rich Applications

Playing with technology -

The best way for me to learn about technology is to actually use it in a "play" context.  For me "play" implies:

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