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E-Learning Council - A Community of Practice?

I was reading an interesting article Knowledge in Numbers:  Communities of practice enjoy renewed popularity by Jennifer J. Salopek in T+D magazine (July 2008 issue) which highlights the characteristics of a Community of Practice.  According to Etienne Wenger, who first used the term in 1988, communities of practice are defined by 3 characteristics:

11th Annual Accessibiilty Internet Rally

Companies across Austin are gearing up for the 11th annual Accessibility Internet Rally (AIR) competition. AIR-Austin brings more than 120 Web professionals together to create or improve web sites for Austin-area non-profits that serve health, human services, environmental and arts missions in Central Texas. Since 1998, more than 250 non-profits have received professionally designed websites through their participation in the annual web raising competition.

Adobe Screen Reader User Guide

Adobe has created a screen reader user's guide for accessing PDF documents with assistive technology. The document was created in collaboration with AFB Consulting, the consulting division of the American Foundation for the Blind. The guide includes:

Comparing Blogs, Wikis and Forums

Blog Wiki Forum

Abbreviation of web log. Commentary or news on a particular subject.

Typically combine text, images, and links to other blogs, web pages.

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