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ELS 2010 - Practical Techniques for Designing Better E-Learning

Trainers, SMEs, and even instructional designers have spent time learning to write courseware, but very little time on visual design. Ineffective layout and design results in e-Learning courses that may be boring, non-engaging, or confusing. Just as instructional designers bring learning theory expertise to the course design process, visual communication skills can also enhance course quality. It's not enough to conduct proper analysis, align content with learning objectives, or follow ADDIE to create award-winning courses.

ELS 2010 - Episode 1: Captain Smeid and the Wayward Learner

ELS is proud to introduce the trials and tribulations of Captain Smeid and his misadventures in creating really bad E-Learning.  In this episode, our hero Captain Smeid will attempt to create a custom E-Learning package to help our wayward learner "do that thing that she needs to do."
Half adult learning theory, half dinner theater, and all fun, your task will be to capture one or more of our hero's mistakes that you have encountered in your own adventures.  Be prepared to share your experiences and best practices with your fellow learners!

E-Learning Symposium 2010

E-Learning Symposium 2010 (hashtag #ELS2010) is a unique interactive conference designed to help professionals and key decision makers learn how to execute E-Learning programs within their own organizations.  This event is essential for professionals who manage and design online education programs in healthcare, government, higher education, and corporate settings.

E-Learning Symposium 2010 is open to anyone and will be of specific benefit to:

  • Chief Learning Officers
  • Senior Directors
  • Program Managers
  • Directors of Human Resources (HR)
  • Directors of Training
  • Training Professionals

Attending the E-Learning Symposium provides you with an excellent opportunity to learn from key industry professionals in the E-Learning community.  You will take away important insights on successful E-Learning delivery, job-focused curriculum development and fundamental instructor and student preparation for the E-Learning environment.  Plus, you will have an opportunity to connect deeper with symposium speakers at the "lunch with a speaker" session during lunch.

Agenda topics cover an end-to-end spectrum of processes and technology as they are being applied to E-Learning and distance learning projects.  Attendees will have the opportunity to network with key influencers and implementation specialists from successful E-Learning projects throughout Texas and beyond.

Distance Learning is the way to train employees

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