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Accessibility in Web and Rich Applications

Playing with technology -

The best way for me to learn about technology is to actually use it in a "play" context.  For me "play" implies:

E-Learning Council - A Community of Practice?

I was reading an interesting article Knowledge in Numbers:  Communities of practice enjoy renewed popularity by Jennifer J. Salopek in T+D magazine (July 2008 issue) which highlights the characteristics of a Community of Practice.  According to Etienne Wenger, who first used the term in 1988, communities of practice are defined by 3 characteristics:

11th Annual Accessibiilty Internet Rally

Companies across Austin are gearing up for the 11th annual Accessibility Internet Rally (AIR) competition. AIR-Austin brings more than 120 Web professionals together to create or improve web sites for Austin-area non-profits that serve health, human services, environmental and arts missions in Central Texas. Since 1998, more than 250 non-profits have received professionally designed websites through their participation in the annual web raising competition.

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