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Quicker Development: Use a Storyboard






It might seem like a good idea to cut development time by eliminating the storyboard. After all, once you have your content down, it would be quicker to just jump into your development tool and start programming the course.





How Comic Books Can Cut Elearning Development Time


Voice-over takes a long time to record and adds cost to any elearning project. For a professional effect, you often have to hire talent. You have to record, listen, re-record any errors, synchronize with the presentation, publish, correct any errors. Outside of the cost of hiring talent (which you can get around by using in-house), there is still the cost in time and money.



Erik Soell – Rapid Learning at the Federal Reserve

By Adib Masumian

Erik Soell joined the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis in 2001, where he leads the Fed’s Rapid Communications team, which manages Rapid Response, Ask the Fed, and other similar programs.



Why Video? Alex Turkovic at ELS 2014 (Part 3)

By Kevin Gumienny

After implementing video training, BigCommerce’s trial-to-paid conversion rate went to 15% from 10%. The company was more successful in educating their customers. Employees spent more time learning, and less time in the classroom.

What techniques did the training team use when creating these videos?



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