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Social Media Provides Jet Fuel to Boost E-Learning – Part 1

How can social media boost effectiveness of traditional E-Learning courses? E-Learning and social media each facilitate the transfer of information across long distances and great divides. It should be simple, then, to find a symbiotic relationship between the two.

Let’s start with Twitter. The combination of Twitter’s forced brevity and its focus on topically-engineered “hashtags” provide an efficient way to aggregate snippets of information (that may also include external links) relevant to a specific subject. For instance, associating the #elearning hashtag to your tweet will include it among the vast sea of search results for E-Learning-related tweets.

Leveraging the Power of Infographics - Randy Krum

The following is a resource sheet provided by Randy Krum of InfoNewt and, who spoke on the topic of leveraging the power of infographics at our E-Learning Symposium last Wednesday.

Randy Krum

Intro to Infographics

NASA Planet Four:
Tower of Beer:
2011 Wisconsin Crash Calendar:

Online Infographics

How Affiliate Marketing Works:
History of Christmas Trees:

Humanizing eLearning With Informal Video by Tom Carroll & Katie O'Malley

As a medium for entertainment and learning, video is an Internet star. YouTube claims to have more than 1 billion unique visitors each month. Globally, 25% of all YouTube views are from mobile devices. Much of this new video content is shot on inexpensive equipment by amateur videographers. The videos feature friends and workplace experts – not professional actors – connecting with their viewers in refreshingly informal ways.

AMA Seminar: Why Should You Care About Public Facing Training?

Yesterday, Sanjay Nasta and Linda Warren of MicroAssist conducted a seminar on Public Facing Training. The topic was a good fit—when the speakers asked the audience for reasons why they chose to attend, many of them said they wanted to learn how to train and apply that knowledge in a business capacity.

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