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Why Video? Alex Turkovic at ELS 2014 (Part 1)

By Kevin Gumienny

Why video, indeed. The training team at BigCommerce needed to train their users. The more people who knew how to use their software, the more people would use their software.

Who are their customers? Mostly small businesses, people who do ecommerce in their spare time. They don’t have the time or money to set through formal training. So training needed to be available anytime, and just in time.



Video – More Than a Spectator Sport (Part 1)

By Mary Word

Video is an increasing presence in eLearning, especially as it becomes easier and easier to produce your own video. In the past it required a substantial financial outlay in equipment to get the raw material and turn it into a professional end product. Today, almost anyone with a smart phone can get a pretty decent recording and do basic editing.



LMS Success: Steps to Implement and Administer Your Learning Management System

Katrina Baker's presentation at ELS 2014

Also see this interview the E-Learning Council did with Katrina in April.

Windows Movie Maker: The Magic of Splitting

It is not uncommon for training modules to use video, and there will likely come a time when you'll need to make edits to that video. Sure, the advanced video and audio edits will probably require high-end software like Adobe Premiere Pro; but the majority of edits that need to be made to training videos are simple and can be done with a totally free solution: Windows Movie Maker. Most of us are familiar with the most basic things it can do, like creating title and closing credits slides, but it can do more than just that.

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