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Captain SMEID and the wayward learner--lessons in instructional design

Selecting a Learning Management System

Hiram Kuykendall, CTO of MicroAssist first gave this presentation during the Elearning Symposium 2008.

Disability Etiquette from the United Spinal Association

The United Spinal Association has created a fantastic document that covers disability etiquette.  Definitely a must read.  You can find it at:

Additional information including:

U.S. Census Bureau estimates of level of disability

Angela English posted this to the Texas ADA Coordinators list--

In a report issued in the December 2008 Current Population Reports the U.S. Census Bureau reported that of the 291.1 million people in the 2005 population of the United States, 54.4 million, or 18.7 percent, reported some level of disability, and 35 million (12.0 percent of all people) reported a severe disability.

Issued December 2008:

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