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Blackboard Learning Management System Patent Invalidated by Appeal Court

A federal appeals court has invalidated 38 of Blackboard Inc.’s contested patent claims to be invalid in ongoing litigation between the D.C.-based education software company and its Canadian competitor, Desire2Learn Inc. 

The ruling brings to an end one portion of a year's long dispute between Blackboard and Desire2Learn.  Claims 1 through 38 (out of 44) have been invalidated by the appellate court, Unfortunately, claims 39 to 44 were not an issue in the appeal, though the US Trademark Office is also continuing it's re-examination of Blackboard's patent. 

28 Web Conference Training Tips

B. J. Schone has posted an excellent article on planning and executing webinars at E-Learning Weekly.

Keeping up with E-Learning Industry News

Need to keep up with the news from the Training industry?  There are several news aggregation services that make it easier.   News aggregation services use RSS feeds to gather headlines from selected sites.   Useful news aggregators for E-Learning include:

E-Learning Symposium 2009

E-Learning Symposium 2009 was a tremendous success.   We had over 100 folks join us and some of the best presentations I've seen at any conference.

E-Learning Symposium 2009 presentations are being posted at E-Learning Symposium 2009 Agenda

We are also working to get pictures from the Symposium up as soon as possible.  Planning for ELS 2010 is already under way!  Several sponsors were so impressed that they signed up for next year already.

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