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Thoughts on the State of Mobile Learning

In 2011, Abilene Christian University held a Connected Summit, where various experts in the fields of business, education, and technology came together to share ideas about the current state of technology and where it's headed. Below are some of the conclusions I drew after watching this video, which covered the highlights of the Connected Summit.

Central Texas Learning & Technology Summit: The World of Mobile Learning



Central Texas Learning Summit: The World of Mobile Learning

I'm very excited to inform our community there is an event coming up in our own backyard (San Antonio, actually) October 11, 2013! Have you heard about the Central Texas Learning and Technology Summit? It's all about mobile learning. Experts are coming in from across the country. (Check the speaker bios below.)

It will be a wonderful day to hear about the latest developments, to connect with other learning professionals, and to hear about what is going on "in the trenches."

Great Voyages: Making the transition from instructor led training to E-Learning

Learning and development professionals must frequently navigate new waters as emerging tools, technology and learning models impact how training is delivered. Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to chart a course through the transition from instructor-led to web-based training?

Good news! The E-Learning Council is happy to announce Great Voyages, a series of presentations designed to do just that. This series includes:

Using Social Media in E-Learning, Part II: Podcasts & Mobile

The advent and burgeoning sophistication of mobile technologies has opened a space for passive learning to take place anywhere, any time. Consider your commute time, where radio has long been our companion. Mobile apps like Swell fly in the face of traditional, terrestrial radio by allowing the user to listen to content they want to hear. New developments in technology that integrate the mobile experience into your car (smart device, auxiliary cables, Bluetooth device pairing) make these apps viable. 

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