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ELS 2012 - Roadmap to Mobile Learning - Growth of Mobile



ELS 2012 - Roadmap to Mobile Learning - Growth of Mobile



ELS 2012- Road Map to Mobile Learning

Road Map to Mobile Learning presented by Marcus Turner of Atomic Axis Mobile Solutions and Sanjay Nasta from MicroAssist E-Learning at E-Learning Symposium 2012.

Roadmap to Mobile Learning
View more PowerPoint from MicroAssist, Inc

More Mobile Learning Resources are available at mLearning Council

Roadmap to Mobile Learning Webinar Coming Soon

Marcus Turner and Sanjay Nasta delivered Roadmap to Mobile Learning at E-Learning Symposium 2012 in Austin. Missed it? Want to learn what's new in the rapidly changing world of mobile learning? We've are working on scheduling Marcus and Sanjay for a webinar soon. Sign up below and we will email you when we have the webinar scheduled.

Content Curation - Best Practices

Content curation has become a hot topic in 2012.  Corrine Weisgerber, an associate professor at St. Edwards University, has an excellent presentation on content curation.  She differentiates content curation from content aggregation--content aggregation can be automated but content curation requires the human touch for finding, evaluating and contextualizing information.   

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