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The Five Superpowers of the Learning Age

Anders Gronstedt is speaking about The Five Superpowers of the Learning Age at E-Learning Symposium 2011. 

  1. Tell a story: Hollywood-style, character-rich, story-centered learning simulations are redefining learning-by-doing.
  2. Play a game: Game concepts such as points, levels, time pressure, and cut scenes make learning engaging.
  3. Make it social: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and similar company internal social networks are embedding learning in every-day work processes and connecting people with each other.
  4. Make it immersive: A new generation browser-based, high fidelity 3-D virtual simulations are energizing learning.
  5. Make it mobile: Podcasting and mobile and location based apps are changing the paradigm from employees coming to the class room to the class room coming to the employees.

An example of an immersive experience is the  3-D immersive Emergency Shelter Simulation developed by the CUNY School of Professional Studies and the City of New York Office of Emergency Management (video below).   

New York City Hurricane Shelter Simulation Training from Anders Gronstedt on Vimeo.

Allison Crow on Visual Thinking - Make your Training more memorable

Have you read Sunni Brown's Game Storming Book?  Watched her at the TED conference?  (really we're jealous!)  Thought doodling was a waste of time?   It's not, for an example of useful doodling watch the video by Allison Crow below. 

Creating Memorable E-Learning

Linda Warren, a speaker at E-Learning Symposium 2011 talks about the importance of creating Memorable E-Learning.   Linda brings together concepts from marketing and learning theory in this talk.  She'll be presenting the topic at ELS 2011 on June 8, 2011.

Supplementing your Personal Learning Network with Twitter

Twitter?  A learning tool?  Can you really learn 140 characters at a time?  

Used correctly Twitter can be a great addition to your personal learning network.   First, you've got a account setup on Twitter right?   You know the basics of Twitter right?  If not, Google "Twitter Tutorial"   or "How to use Twitter".  This video on How to use Twitter by Howcast isn't bad.

Got it?  Great.  

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