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In a week, E-Learning Council puts out one blog entry.  In the same time we put out 20-30 tweets about subjects that are relevant to e-learning practitioners for @learningcouncil.  Our Twitter followers regularly find information they can apply directly to their jobs without searching through thousands of tweets.

There are a three ways to get the information from our twitter feed.

Teaching to Stick - Ideas from Chip and Dan Heath authors of Made to Stick

One of my favorite books is Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die by Chip and Dan Heath.   In this book the authors teach you how to create sticky ideas by using the SUCCESs model:

Worldwide eLearning Market Grows to $27.1 Billion in 2009

Ambient Insight report states that the worldwide market for 2009 self-paced E-Learning Market and services grew to $27.1 billion. The international demand for online learning is growing by 12.8% and revenues will reach $49.6 billion by 2014.

North America will be the top buying region in the 2009-2014 timeframe.   Asia will be the fastest growing region, however with a growth rate over 33%.   By 2014 Asia will overtake Western Europe as the 2nd largest market for E-Learning.   

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