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E-Learning Symposium 2010 Call for Presenters

E-Learning Council will host the Third Annual E-Learning Symposium on Wednesday, May 26th, 2010* in Austin, Texas.  E-Learning Symposium 2010 (hashtag #ELS2010) is designed to help professionals and key decision makers execute E-Learning programs within their own organizations.  The conference is essential for professionals who create web-based education programs in healthcare, government, higher education, and corporate settings.
  The conference is open to anyone and will be of specific benefit to:

  • Chief Learning Officers
  • Senior Directors
  • Directors of Human Resources (HR)
  • Directors of Training

Presenting at the E-Learning Symposium provides you with an excellent opportunity to share your knowledge with key industry decision makers, and further influence the E-Learning community.  Plus, you will have an opportunity to connect deeper with symposium participants at the "lunch with a speaker" session during lunch.   To provide a speaker, please submit a one-page abstract on your topic by March 1, 2010 by email to "dtwining at".  There will be approximately six 50-60 minute slots.  All sessions must be purely educational and may not promote a particular product, service or company. 

Using a Dog Clicker to make Audio Recording Easier

Using a Dog Clicker to improve your E-learning...who would've thunk it.   When recording audio have a dog clicker in hand.  When you make a mistake click on it.  The sharp click is easy to spot in the sound editor and makes it a lot easier to edit out the mistake.  

Accessible Twitter

Using Twitter as part of your business and need it to be accessible?  The folks at Accessible Twitter have created an accessible client.  Features include:

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