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Teaching to Stick - Ideas from Chip and Dan Heath authors of Made to Stick

One of my favorite books is Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die by Chip and Dan Heath.   In this book the authors teach you how to create sticky ideas by using the SUCCESs model:

Worldwide eLearning Market Grows to $27.1 Billion in 2009

Ambient Insight report states that the worldwide market for 2009 self-paced E-Learning Market and services grew to $27.1 billion. The international demand for online learning is growing by 12.8% and revenues will reach $49.6 billion by 2014.

North America will be the top buying region in the 2009-2014 timeframe.   Asia will be the fastest growing region, however with a growth rate over 33%.   By 2014 Asia will overtake Western Europe as the 2nd largest market for E-Learning.   

The value of training from Breakthrough Company

E-Learning Symposium 2010 Call for Presenters

E-Learning Council will host the Third Annual E-Learning Symposium on Wednesday, May 26th, 2010* in Austin, Texas.  E-Learning Symposium 2010 (hashtag #ELS2010) is designed to help professionals and key decision makers execute E-Learning programs within their own organizations.  The conference is essential for professionals who create web-based education programs in healthcare, government, higher education, and corporate settings.
  The conference is open to anyone and will be of specific benefit to:

  • Chief Learning Officers
  • Senior Directors
  • Directors of Human Resources (HR)
  • Directors of Training

Presenting at the E-Learning Symposium provides you with an excellent opportunity to share your knowledge with key industry decision makers, and further influence the E-Learning community.  Plus, you will have an opportunity to connect deeper with symposium participants at the "lunch with a speaker" session during lunch.   To provide a speaker, please submit a one-page abstract on your topic by March 1, 2010 by email to "dtwining at".  There will be approximately six 50-60 minute slots.  All sessions must be purely educational and may not promote a particular product, service or company. 

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