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Using a Dog Clicker to make Audio Recording Easier

Using a Dog Clicker to improve your E-learning...who would've thunk it.   When recording audio have a dog clicker in hand.  When you make a mistake click on it.  The sharp click is easy to spot in the sound editor and makes it a lot easier to edit out the mistake.  

Accessible Twitter

Using Twitter as part of your business and need it to be accessible?  The folks at Accessible Twitter have created an accessible client.  Features include:

The Role of Learning in Organizations Today

In today's rapidly changing business environment, learning is a crucial skill in the ability to remain relevant and meet the needs of your clients. There are five factors that influence an organization’s ability to learn and be responsive to changes in the business world. Here's the article:

Top 125 Workplace E-Learning articles in 2009

E-Learning Learning has a great list of the 125 Top E-Learning articles from 2009 at

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