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E-Learning: How long is just right

The Connected Learner  has an interesting post on how long you should make an e-learning course.   Among the factors to consider are:

  • Audience
  • Management Desire
  • Does the course have to be taken at one time or can it be spaced
  • How much time does the audience have?
  • Does the course consist of Content, Practice, or Testing
  • What extras does the course have
  • Is it a single course or multiple courses

You can read the entire post at The Connected Learner: Self-Paced Elearning: How long is just right?

Nikon iPhone App teaches photography - An example of mobile e-learning

Nikon Learn & Explore is an iPhone app that teaches the fundamentals of photography and offers shooting techniques for common situations.   The app also offers a library of professional images you can browse, each with an accompanying Nikon World article that details shot composition, equipment, lighting, and all that.

Using storytelling to improve E-Learning quality

The concept of using Storytelling to improve the quality of our E-learning has fascinated me for a while. I recently found some resources that might help you incorporate a good story into your E-learning. I believe a good story can grab attention and create emotion as well as help internalize the training. Jason Ohler's presentation on New Media has some great ideas on storytelling. More resources are available on his site at

Outsourcing Your E-learning Development

Be sure to check this article out:
It seems like so many organizations think that having all development done in-house is so much cheaper.  I've worked on several projects where this was just the opposite.

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