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Podcasting 101 Resources

The Podcasting 101 sessions were a set of classes organized by volunteers from Texas government. This document was a resource handout that grew with each session.
An Internet search will yield hundreds of resources and references, so in no way do we claim is this a comprehensive list or "the best". It is simply some helpful references suggested by volunteers organizing the Podcasting 101 clinics for Texas State Government in August/September 2009.

E-Learning Proverb

 "Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand." - Chinese proverb

Creating Engaging E-Learning

Patrick Dunn has an excellent four part presentation (using Prezi) on Creating Engaging E-Learning at Networked Learning Design. . Be sure to check out his tools page for some useful tools to help with the process.

Rapid E-Learning -"Give Me 5" for Your SMEs

In an excellent case study produced by Kineo about the line managers' portal they developed with and for Marks and Spencer.  It is available here.
There's lots of gems, including a list of the five key questions you need to ask a subject matter expert if you want to take out the knowledge and build the learning environment. They are excellent and  straightforward.

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