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Improve Your Brain's Capacity for Learning!

On the lighter, yet still important, side of learing and also something this old lady struggles with from time to time (focus, concentration, alertness), I thougt I would share with the group my wandering and seeking discoveries.  Pay special attention to item No. 2
A few excerpts  from the WebMD Slideshow:

Using Wikis for Internal and External Communications

We’ve all heard of Wikipedia, but have you considered that corporations can create internal and external wikis to further corporate knowledge and gain competitive advantage? John talks to Ross Mayfield, CEO of Social Text, at Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco.

Mike Sullivan's List of Resources

A quick overview of associations, training sources, newsletters, and web pages providing free or low cost training and/or traning-related articles. If you have other sources, please comment this post and share them with everyone!

Free Membership/Training Resources

E-Learning in the 21st Century

I was also honored to present the first session of the day over eLearning trends and tools at the 2009 State of Texas DIR E-Learning Forum. For those who missed the presentation or would just like to see it again, I've added it here. I must give credit to Dr. Mark David Milliron for the trends table I saw in one of his own presentations as well as inspiration for structuring the presentation. Be sure to visit SlideShare directly to see my notes and sources.

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