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WSJ Article on Keys to Effective Training

Wall Street Journal has an excellent article that emphasizes that the key to effective training isn't what happens in the classroom.  It's what you do afterwards.   Organizations spend billions of dollars annually on staff development and some studies suggest that 10% to 40% of training is ever used on that job--shocking!

Accessibility Testing Reports

e-Learn VIP has fairly detailed test reports accessibility of various

  • Learning Management Systems
  • Content Management Systems
  • Virtual Conference Systems



ROI Tools from the ROI Institute

Jack Phillips, the founder of Performance Resources Organization, a consulting firm specializing in accountability and ROI has put together a collection of tools on the ROI Institute website that might help you figure out the ROI of the training project.   The tools are at:


E-learning ROI: The true cost of an employee

An important step in calculating ROI is calculating costs to create Learning.  The cost of internal employees is a very important part of that cost.  When doing a project plan, I've found it helpful to calculate the hourly cost of the employee including bonuses, benefits, taxes, etc.   Here's a spreadsheet I have used.  Please test it and let me know if I made any mistakes in the comments and I'll fix them.  Also any recommendations for improvement are also appreciated.  

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