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Dabbleboard: A Collaborative Whiteboard

I was playing with the free online software Dabbleboard that makes it easy to draw diagrams, jotting notes and sketches.    Dabbleboard comes with a library of readily-available objects for piecing together org charts, mind maps, network diagrams, floor plans, photo annotation, interface designs, and electrical diagrams.  I drew the little diagram below (my brainstorm about what makes information valuable) in a few moments using a mouse.  It is possible to draw diagrams with a mouse because Dabbleboard takes your mouse gestures and interprets them as a diagram.  Sometimes it makes a silly c

Fair Use and Copyright Quickguide

Fair Use and Copyright issues come up frequently during the creation of training material.  Today's ASTD CPLP class provided an excellent resource to answer all these questions--the Columbia Copyright Advisory Office.  The website provides a Copyright Quickguide, a Fair Use Checklist, gives information on how to obtain permission to use existing copyrighted materials.  

Looking for Learning Industry Experts to Interview for E-Learning Council's website

We are looking for industry experts to interview for Elearning Council.   Interviews are usually conducted by E-mail or Instant Messenger since that makes it easy to post content on the website. Potential topics include
  • Industry Trends
  • Learning Methodologies
  • E-Learning Tools, Products

Key E-Learning Concepts

Mark Nichols has authored a series of monographs introducing key e-learning concepts.  

  • E-Learning in Context
  • Designing for E-learning
  • Education and Faculty

The monographs are a great starting point if you are trying to learn the basics of E-Learning

He has generously made them available as PDF's under the Creative Common License.   They will soon be available on the National Centre for Tertiary Excellence (NZ) websites.

Note:  You do have to sign-in to download them from the E-Learning Council website.

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