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Adobe Screen Reader User Guide

Adobe has created a screen reader user's guide for accessing PDF documents with assistive technology. The document was created in collaboration with AFB Consulting, the consulting division of the American Foundation for the Blind. The guide includes:

Comparing Blogs, Wikis and Forums

Blog Wiki Forum

Abbreviation of web log. Commentary or news on a particular subject.

Typically combine text, images, and links to other blogs, web pages.

High cost of gas drives online classes

The New York Times has an interesting story where the high cost of gas is driving up online class enrollment.  Online class enrollment is up 35%.  Colleges from Massachusetts and Florida to Texas to Oregon have reported significant online enrollment increases for summer sessions, with student numbers in some cases 50 percent or 100 percent higher than last year. 
Is this effecting your organization?

Web 2.0 and Informal Learning Mash-Up

Jay Cross pulled together his first video mash-up of conference bits from Learning Technologies 2008 in London.  Here's a chance to see Jay and other thought leaders Nigel Paine and Donald Clark telling it like it is.

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