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AMA Seminar: Why Should You Care About Public Facing Training?

Yesterday, Sanjay Nasta and Linda Warren of MicroAssist conducted a seminar on Public Facing Training. The topic was a good fit—when the speakers asked the audience for reasons why they chose to attend, many of them said they wanted to learn how to train and apply that knowledge in a business capacity.

Webinar Recording: Why Public Facing Training?

Linda Warren, MicroAssist's lead instructional designer, will be presenting What Makes Good Public Facing Training at E-Learning Symposium 2013 in Austin. Register now.

Houston 2013 E-Learning Symposium: From Storytelling to Immersive Simulation

Debbie Richards  
Presenter: Debbie Richards


Houston 2013 E-Learning Symposium: Trainers as Curators of Ideas: A New Metaphor for the Digital Age

Corinne Weisgerber  

Presenter: Corinne Weisgerber

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