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Allison Crow on Visual Thinking - Make your Training more memorable

Have you read Sunni Brown's Game Storming Book?  Watched her at the TED conference?  (really we're jealous!)  Thought doodling was a waste of time?   It's not, for an example of useful doodling watch the video by Allison Crow below. 

E-Learning Symposium 2010 - Houston Photos

Meet the ELS 2010 Speakers!


Get Slightly Famous - Write a Guest Post for E-Learning Council

Are you interested in writing a guest post for E-Learning Council?

E-Learning Council's readers are interested in useful posts related to all aspects of E-Learning.  A guest post is a great way to share information with a very interested audience and make yourself slightly famous

If you are interested in guest posting,  please follow this easy guidelines:

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