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Instructional Design

Video for Online Training

Here's a great example of what can be done in a training video. This 15 minute movie was created by the State of Pennsylvania to educate buyers about green purchasing. Dale Van Blokland, an instructional designer for Austin, TX, shared this video with Austin ASTD.

Online Interactions

We are designing training on case management services for people living with HIV in Texas. Our client has nine slides packed with deatils on the histroy of the virus and its treatment. It seemes like this content would put case managers to sleep so our task is to find an interesting way to make the information available. We always like to find engaging ways of presenting information. With the client's help, we found a great timeline interaction.

Five and Five - Inherent vs Design Flaws in E-Learning

Five  Inherent Flaws in E-Learning

What is an Instructional Designer

What is an Instructional Designer?  Why are they so essential to helping create great E-learning.  Debby Kalk, who did our ROI class says
"Compared to the role of the instructor who actually teaches, the instructor would be more like the construction manager, I’m more like the architect, I develop the blueprint."

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