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Adobe Captivate 4 Developer with Instructional Design Background

MicroAssist is currently seeking a part-time or contract Adobe Captivate 4 developer with instructional design experience.  The position will work extensively with customers and internal stakeholders to support the administration, management, and development of E-Learning courses.    If interested, please contact MicroAssist at

Captivate Skillset

  • Fully aware of Adobe 4's features, capabilities, and bugs.
  • Be able to record and a sophisticated demonstration that includes audio, branching
  • Be able to create assessments that include question pools
  • Be able to create and edit sophisticated simulations
  • Be able to create an accessible project (508 compliant)
  • Be comfortable using Captivate Widgets (Bookmark, Certificate, etc)
  • Be able to create, edit, and test scripts in Captivate
  • Integrate Captivate with Learning Management Systems.

Content Development and Support

  • Consult with and support course developers and subject matter experts in the capabilities and use of Adobe Captivate 4
  • Work with the Instructional Designer to take the module storyboards (as they are completed) and build the finished online modules using Captivate.
  • Provide instructional design assistance and expertise for course development efforts.
  • Test course functionality.
  • Troubleshoot technical issues in Captivate.
  • Provide consultation and expertise on behalf of internal clients working with external vendors who are developing E-Learning courses.
  • Identify and help to implement best practices in E-Learning.

Content Management/LMS Support

  • Provide hands-on assistance to internal clients when needed (upload/remove/administer courses).
  • Assist with the review of content and work with internal stakeholders to determine effective methods for promoting and delivering new content.
  • Work with internal stakeholders to improve the content loading and management process and to increase self sufficiency in course administration across businesses and functions.  Develop and deliver training in content administration procedures.
  • When needed, assist with the management of course specific data within the LMS to ensure that reporting is accurate and efficient.

General Skills

  • Excellent technical skills and trouble shooting ability.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing.
  • Strong customer service skills.
  • Ability to work in a team environment and to prioritize and manage multiple projects and achieve goals with minimal supervision.
  • Proactive problem-solving skills with strong propensity for process improvement and innovation.
  • Ability to work effectively with diverse individuals at all levels in a large, complex, global organization.

If interested, please contact

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