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Aligning Objectives with Engaging Activities (eBlooms) (Webinar 6/22) Discussion

DIR, ELC, and TEEX hosted a free one-hour webinar. This thread is being created to post follow-up information and dicussion.

Aligning Objectives with Engaging Activities (eBlooms)

As the field of instructional design continues to grow and encompass online course development, speed of development can sometimes overshadow proven processes. Scanning the field of available tools can provide much by way of technology and software, but little in terms of theory and practice. How can instructional designers better design online learning? Is there a quick way to align objectives with content and activities? This presentation will examine the practice of using Blooms Taxonomy in eLearning (eBlooms) at TEEX, including the theory behind the chart and examples of the chart at work. Presenter: Tonia Dousay, eLearning Manager Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX)


For those who were interested or would like to share the presentation, it has been uploaded to SlideShare and includes references and links.


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