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ASTD 2007 State of the Industry Report Summary

Content by Learning Area
I was reviewing the ASTD 2007 State of the Industry Report and a few statistics stood out:

  • US organizations spent $134.39 billion on employee learning and development in 2007.   2/3 on internal learning function, and the remainder allocated to external services. 
  • Use of Instructor-led learning has diminished.  Shift from learning events in traditional classroom settings to learning experiences that are occuring at the workstation and at the pace of the worker.   Technology based delivery methods rose to 30.28% (11.47% in 2001).
  • 80% of online learning is self-paced in recent years
  • Costs in the delivery and consumption of learning hours is rising.  
  • Leading Content Are was Industry Specific Skills and Information (14.45%), Processes, procedures, and business practices (11.07%) and managerial and supervisory topcis (11.00%), IT and systems learning content (10.24%)
  • Candidates for Outsourcing:  Content Delivery, Infrastructure Development, Translation Service, Custom Content Development, and Administrative Tasks
  • 2006 Direct Expenditure per employee $1040.40. 
  • 2007 Direct Expediture per employee is $1,103
  • 2006 Average Learning hours per employee 35.1
  • 2006 Average Cost per Learning Hour Used ($42)

The report is available free to national members and if you are inte training industry I'd encourage you join ASTD to get great information like this report.

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