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ASTD CPLP Credential

I'm curious about the ASTD Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) credential. Has anyone taken the coursework and exam? How has the credential been a benefit to you and your organization?


CPLP Certified

I became certified in Spring of 2007 after passing the exam and submitting a work product; the preparation for both took quite a bit of time, but well worth the effort in the end.  The foundation of the credential is a set of 9 core competencies identified by ASTD as being critical to the practice of workplace learning and performance.  As such, it takes a very systemic view of how learning and performance works in organizations and goes much deeper then training and delivery.
The knowledge that I gained and/or was able to synthesize in new ways has really helped me to be a better professional.  However, not every organization is able and willing to look at learning and performance as being anything beyond standard training and delivery, and there are colleagues who, armed with a broader view and perspective from having done the CPLP course work, have been quite frustrated when they try to put these new ideas and concepts into practice.
Since it is a relatively new credential, it does not always have immediate name recognition, especially when people see it on a resume.  However, it becomes a great talking point, and I know many people who became top candidates for jobs as a result of having the credential or because they were preparing for the exam and work product.  To date, there are 625 CPLP credential holders (as reported by ASTD).
The local ASTD Chapter does host a CPLP study group and has a new cohort starting in September.  For more information, you can visit the wiki at



CPLP Orientation Meeting

 September 20, 200810:00 am – 12:00 pmHowson Library        
The primary goal of the CPLP Study Group is to prepare interested parties to pass the Certified Professional  in Learning and Performance Exam.  Taking the exam is not a prerequisite for participation, and we encourage  anyone interested in expanding their own professional development in the field of workplace learning and  performance to think about participating. This first meeting will serve as an introduction to the requirements of the CPLP credential as well as how the study group operates.  For further information about this group, please visit their Wiki at


CPLP Course

Hiram and I have been taking the course with Melissa and Star teaching.  It has been tremendously valuable even though we do not have any intent (for now) of taking the CPLP exam.
First, both Melissa and Star put in a lot of effort.  They make the course a great example of adult learning.   Just that has made it worth it.  It has improved my presentations/classes.  It is one thing to read about adult learning concept, quite another to see them done so well.
Second, the other students in the class contribute a bunch of ideas and thoughts.  It is neat to see the knowledge applied in very different circumstances.
The knowledge in the books is great.  Having to participate in a class means that I actually take the time to absorb it.
I was dreading giving up part of my weekend but it has been a truly valuable experience and I want to applaud ASTD, but more specifically Melissa and Star.


CPLP Course

I haven't done the CPLP but I do know Star from some other venues and would HIGHLY recommend her.  She's a great person, high-energy and very knowledgeable.   She's an excellent mentor also.   If you're thinking about the CPLP it'd be worth it to get the opportunity to work with and learn from her.   You certainly won't regret it.

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