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Best Practices: Precision Questioning

The May meeting for Austin's PMI chapter featured a workshop on determining requirements using Precision Questioning, by Dennis Matthies of Vervago, the creator of the Precision Questioning technique.  This is a method of decomposing information to get the root of the issue, and break it down into as many questions as necessary to ensure questions are precise.  It was a great workshop, and as the eLearning Council plans events, we may want to host a workshop with Dennis.  I had a tendency to annoy people who didn't want to give precision answers by asking these type of precise questions, and I found it refreshing to not only see it being valued and studied, but think it's very relevant to instructional design on a course by course basis, but for any training development.


Speaking events for ELC

Sounds like Precision Questioning would be an excellent presentation to have.  I have always known the value of this - but do not know the technicque or how to best use it and when.  Analyzing conditions or situations can bring the very best results and resolutions. 


I need to get RSS feeds for

I need to get RSS feeds for the forum, I didn't see your comment until now.
Anyway, check out Vervago's site, there are free PDFs that mirror the content of their workshops.  I'd still recommend Matthies as a speaker, and if you can, attending one of his workshops, but if you can't, it's a good substitute.

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