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Dabbleboard: A Collaborative Whiteboard

I was playing with the free online software Dabbleboard that makes it easy to draw diagrams, jotting notes and sketches.    Dabbleboard comes with a library of readily-available objects for piecing together org charts, mind maps, network diagrams, floor plans, photo annotation, interface designs, and electrical diagrams.  I drew the little diagram below (my brainstorm about what makes information valuable) in a few moments using a mouse.  It is possible to draw diagrams with a mouse because Dabbleboard takes your mouse gestures and interprets them as a diagram.  Sometimes it makes a silly choice (a line becomes a diamond).  No problem, just hit the Undo button.

When you share your Dabbleboard work with someone via email, you can watch, real-time, as he or she makes changes to it.

via Lifehacker


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