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Do you know of a tool for this?

My company does a lot of blended learning that involves classroom facilitation of a Web-based lesson. The classes are supported with a facilitator guide (FG).
Until recently, we had one audience for our lessons/courses. Other groups want to use the lessons, but the content must be customized to accommodate differences for each audience. We can handle that easily in Lectora for the online lesson, but the document is different.
Do you manage common documents for multiple audiences? What tool and/or best practice do you use to keep all documents current when the common content changes?
We use Microsoft Word and maintain a different FG for each audience (for each lesson) and are looking for a better solution.


Managing Content for Diff Audiences

I'm honestly not sure what your question is; can you clarify?
Here is what I understand - You have some content... with some instructional guidance for a facilitator.
Now, you wish to change the content for different audiences, and you wish to change the facilitator guidance as well [of course]?
OR -- you have some content, which will serve as a common ground, but with multiple audiences, so you wish to change the facilitator guides?

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