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E-Learning Council Mission Statement

Tim suggested that we start threads to get input on defining various facets of the E-Learning Council.  Please add your thoughts on what the Mission of the E-Learning Council should be.


My two bits...

Since the latest Executive Council doesn't include a formal mission statement, I'm adding my thoughts to this thread.
My personal hope for the mission is for the eLearning Council to

  • Be a clearinghouse of information for eLearning professionals
  • A resource for organizations interested in eLearning
  • Bring relevant speakers and events on eLearning to Austin
  • Promote eLearning as a robust and valued business tool
  • Influence eLearning professionals to strive for excellence and continuous improvement in their skills and their tools


I see the council as an overarching entity that creates bridges and connections between the public and private sectors in Central Texas. An e-learning "village" offering information, resources, guidance, and support in developing and managing e-learning projects. It's a dynamic community that taps the talents of e-gurus in our midst and supports folks new to the field. A grand experiment using Web 2.0 tools that harness the collective talents and brainpower of the local e-learning community.  Here's to our success!


input on mission statement

I think the mission statement should capture the two broad areas we have discussed... 1) offering strategic guidance and leadership for developing eLearning materials (i.e., getting started, management support, choosing the best software or LMS, budgeting, etc) and 2) providing technical and educational resources (i.e., links to user groups, IT support, websites, books, trainings).
Thanks for the chance to give input. - Justin


Mission Statement

IMHO: - should include 'providing leadership, guidance, resources, etc. for those who create, develop, and edit E-learning materials. (Feel free to fold, spindle, mutilate, especially if you remember that mantra.)



Am curious mostly about IMHO. Here's hazarding some guesses:
I Must Hoard Oranges? In My Humble Opinion? International Multimodal Horse Occupations? It's My Hairy Octagon?
IMHO, the fewer initialisms the better. Here's but one instance when less (fewer letters) does not mean more. Thanks.



In my honest opinion

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