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ELC Meeting--Learning 2.0: Technology Trends in Informal Learning

Zulfi Kureshi gave an interesting presentation on Technology Trends in Informal Learning (attached below).  I was particularly interested to see how Deloitte uses Learning 2.0 tools internally and am thinking of how I can use them in our organization. 

An example of using Learning 2.0 Technology is the ELC website runs on Drupal--a open source CMS that allows us to Blog, grab RSS feeds on a topic (News Clips), have Forums, and a shared calendar.   All this for free.  I remember when Intranets and shared knowledge sites cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I strongly believe that Learning 2.0 technologies will supplement the over the cubicle wall learning that most people engage in today--with telecommuting and global enterprise it is a neccessity.  Furthermore, as the baby boomers retire--Learning 2.0 technologies offer a chance for us to capture their expertise before they head off to go deep sea fishing -- talk about asynchronous learning.

I was fascinated by a thread I saw in the comments on this presentation--oh we can't do this at OUR organization.  Why?  Is it the culture?  Is it not being able to prove ROI?   Is it Security?  What are the specific issues?  How is using Learning 2.0 technology different from sharing a Power Point or a newspaper article?  How is it different from asking your IT person...."Hey how do I use Excel to do filtered subtotals?."

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