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ELS 2010 - Episode 1: Captain Smeid and the Wayward Learner

ELS is proud to introduce the trials and tribulations of Captain Smeid and his misadventures in creating really bad E-Learning.  In this episode, our hero Captain Smeid will attempt to create a custom E-Learning package to help our wayward learner "do that thing that she needs to do."
Half adult learning theory, half dinner theater, and all fun, your task will be to capture one or more of our hero's mistakes that you have encountered in your own adventures.  Be prepared to share your experiences and best practices with your fellow learners!
In the final part of the presentation, Hiram Kuykendall, the CTO for MicroAssist, will pull several real life examples from the presentation and discuss ways to avoid or mitigate some of the most challenging issues.


Captain Smeid and the Wayward Learner

I laughed so hard! What a great way to make a point. Brilliant performance and a great revitalizer to enrgize us after the wonderful lunch. Thanks Hiram, Linda and Captain Monkey for the chuckles.



Captain Smeid

Can't wait to see the Captain Smeid and the Wayward Learner presentation!!

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