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ELS 2010 - Julie Preston - Are Games the Same

ELS 2010 - Julie Preston - Are Games the Same

Presentation from Enspire's Julie Preston "Are Games the Same?  Update the Blueprint for your E-Learning Process to Leverage Game Development Techniques."     In this presentation she talked about:

  • What is a Learning Game
  • Learning Process
  • Game Process
  • Game Types:  Casual Games, Platform Games, Adventure & Role-Playing Games, Alternate Reality Games,
  • Recommended Learning Game Process
  • Game Metrics

Ms. Preston also  provided a great checklist as well as resources for game development (attached below)

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Game Resource

Came across the following which is free (but requires registration) from our neighbors to the North - see
This "Learning With Gaming for Educators" online course will explore how learning can be enhanced and supported through the effective engagement of learners in playing and creating computer games."

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