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Experience using Articulate?

I may be getting my contract extended to translate PowerPoint presentations into online learning modules.The tool I'll be using is Articulate, which I've not used before.  I'm about to download a trial version, but I'd love to hear feedback on it from other eLearning Council members.  Any thoughts, warnings, etc.?  Thanks in advance.  Jenn


Articulate - Accessibility

Any input on Accessibility issues for Articulate?  I've downloaded and played with the demo and it is truly one of the best ways to get a PPT presentation translated to E-learning.  However, in reading the forums for Articulate accessibility issues kept coming up.  It seems it was difficult to get it truly 508 compliant where it would be acceptable to anyone in State gov't.


Articulate - Smarticulate

Hi Jenn!
There are plenty of gotchas in Articulate but it can be a great platform for converting Presentations to reusable eLearning materials. 
Here's an example of one I did with video. Notice that the animations match exactly to the presenters motions.
The biggest warning, watch out for the number of builds in your animation. Simple stuff is better for the first few Articulate efforts. Happy to help if I can. 


Articulate User

Hi Jenn,
I've enjoyed authoring in Articulate over the past year. Some occasional technical snaffus, but Articulate's Community Forum and Rapid E-Learning Blog are first-rate. Their tech support response time and follow-through is solid, too. Enjoy!


The Rapid E-learning Blog is Fantastic

The guy who manages the Rapid E-learning blog is very open to sharing information.  Even though it's associated with Articulate, the content is generic to use for any product you use for authoring.

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