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Free Webinar: E-Learning that Works (without breaking the bank)

Kevin GumiennyE-Learning that Works (without breaking the bank) was one of the highest rated presentations at the May 2014 eLearning Symposium. We're excited to bring back Kevin Gumienny, MicroAssist eLearning team lead to deliver this presentation as a webinar.
When:  September 24, 2014, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM CST.  Register Now
Join us for this webinar, where Kevin will show how to create great eLearning without breaking the bank by using techniques such as:
  • How to use visual design to create a great user experience
  • How to drive faster development cycles with storyboards
  • How to give meaning to data through storytelling
  • How to use gamification to encourage users to apply learning
  • How to take advantage of limitations

About our speaker

Kevin Gumienny is Senior Instructional Designer and eLearning team lead for MicroAssist. He has more than 15 years’ experience in adult learning. Dr. Gumienny has a diverse background in adult learning, instructional design, and technical writing. In addition to his work at MicroAssist, he has created, developed, and implemented adult learning solutions at the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service, the New Jersey Institute of Technology, and Stony Brook University.
He has a passion for sharing knowledge about online training, and has organized eLearning user groups and given presentations at several conferences including two eLearning Symposiums.

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