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Get notified of new content on E-Learning Council by Email

One of the frequent feature requests we've had on the E-Learning Council website is the ability to get notifications of new content on the site and in the forums in E-mail.  We now have that ability in two ways:


  1. Using Drupals built in functionality you can subscribe to any post (forum, blog entry, etc.) by clicking on the Subscribe to: This post at the bottom of every post.  That will send you an email notification if someone replies to your forum post, comments on a blog entry, etc.  Perfect for keeping up with a topic that you are interested in.
  2. We've set up a Feedburner feed for the general forum and blog entries that notifies you of any new postings.  To get email notifications of new information in the General Forum click on the link below:

    Subscribe to E-Learning Council - General Forum by Email

    To get email notifications of blog entries click on the link below:

  3. Subscribe to E-Learning Council by Email

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