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Getting Started with E-Learning Outline

The most common request I've heard at the two meetings and at the E-Learning Symposium is a resource for getting start with E-Learning.  I'm willing to coordinate the creation of this resource.  The first step is to create an outline.  I put my initial thoughts down for an outline and Martha Jacobson was kind enough to edit and improve it.  I have reproduced the outline below and look forward to lots of comments from y'all.  Let me know if you want the original Word document.

After we get the outline approximately correct I'll put out a call for articles, blog posts, etc. on each subjects.  Drupal has a cool feature where you can combine all sorts of resources into an online "book"




Getting Started with E-Learning

Defining E-Learning

Fundamental Split Between E-learning for HR and E-learning for Business Units

Informal Learning and Why It’s Important

Blended Learning – What’s the “right” blend

Business Issues with E-Learning

Assessing Your Company’s E-Learning Readiness – culturally and technologically

What kinds of problems/business issues can e-learning address?

Copyright, Intellectual Property, Digital Rights Management

Instructional Design for E-Learning

ADDIE Process (Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluate)

What is Instructional Design?

What does an Instructional Designer Do?


Action Mapping


Converting Traditional Courses to E-Learning

Design Considerations

Learner Assessments

Amount of Content Created

Level of Interactivity

Type of media used

Data Tracking Requirements

Technical Skill Level

Ease of Updating


Technology mash-ups to create new learning environments

Rapid E-learning

How fast is rapid?

What are the different strategies for developing rapid capability in an organization?

What projects are suitable?

What’s the production model and implementation techniques?

Which are the best tools?

What’s a rapid project life cycle and who’s on the team?

What are your experiences and challenges?

How effective is rapid content versus traditional e-learning content?

E-Learning Development Technology

Learning Management System

Functional, technical and commercial requirements

Content Creation Tools

Rapid Development Tools

Games and Simulations


Getting Ready for Mobile Learning

Social Networking - Web 2.0 Technologies

Explain technologies and their use in the classroom and professional development

Tools: blogs, wikis, podcasts, etc.






Instructional Design

E-Learning Deployment

Delivery Method—Internet, Intranet, CD Delivery

Technical Considerations



Required plug-ins or players

Setting minimum system requirements

Marketing Your E-learning

Launching a program, creating continuous promotions


How to measure the value of learning

Finding the right metrics: Life Beyond Kirkpatrick and Phillips ROI



eLearning Guild

I've found a lot of useful documents on  Unfortunately, it takes time to go through all the materials when you've been an instructional design and development team of one. 


eLearning Guild

I'll second the recommendation for eLearningGuild.  It has some of the best material on the web


Getting Started With eLearning - a great website. They also have a "Whole Picture" view of eLearning in their articles that's very valuable.  The site has webinars, blogs, podcasts and many informative articles available, along with a newsletter. is also a great resource.


Nice work Sanjay and Martha!

We have some forms we've used in our organization in developing online training that I would be happy to share when we get to that stage!



I'd like to input as well. We have some processes, etc we use successfully.


Next step

I can take the lead on the next step.  I've been trying to think whether to do this in Drupal or set up a Wiki.  Although I think the Wiki might have some technical advantages having an integrated site with a single login and a single content database provides a big reason for keeping it in Drupal.
As a next step I will work on a site taxonomy this weekend (incorporating the outline items). 
After that, I will put out a call for articles, documents, links, etc. for each outline item on here and through other sources.  Hopefully we'll get folks to sign in and input the documents themselves so I don't have to do that.
After we get a decent number of Articles I'll use Drupal's Book feature to pull it all together.
hmmm....a good plan till the first shot is fired?

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