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Guide to Geekspeak

Meeting today (May 15) to explore formation of E-Learning Council in North Austin most interesting.
Even so, lots of folks were scratching their heads over the flood of initialisms common in conversation. For the sake of newcomers, then, let's begin something of a GUIDE to GEEKSPEAK. I'll start:
[Note: just because a phrase is converted to capital-letter initials doesn't make the phrase itself a proper noun deserving of initial capital letters. Reminder: proper noun = particular person, place or thing. "National Football League" is not same as "national football league."]
LMS = learning-management system
SACC = State Agency Coordinating Committee (or, depending on context, could be something like "state-agency coordinating committee.")
T&D = training and development
SIG = special-interest group
TxDLA = Texas Distance Learning Association
CBT = computer-based training



The American Society of Training & Development's (ASTD) glossary is online at  There is a fairly comprehensive listing of terms and definitions there.



CBT is becoming an archaic term, even though it is still appropriate in usage. The eLearning term has taken over CBT, and I have even read that eLearning is being questioned.


Let's Link Out?



I have started transferring some of these (related to E-Learning vs. State specific acronyms) to the Glossary (look at the menu on left).  The cool part about a Drupal Glossary is that when the term appears in the text of a story it will highlight the term and you can click on it and get the definition or hover over it and it'll show you the definition.
Keep 'em coming!


One more addition

Thanks for your work on this. We'll probaly need to add
f2f (face to face) for the more traditional classroom training or traditional (synchronous part) of a blended session.


More on Geek Speak

Just came across these three gems:
PLE = personal learning environment
VLE = virtual learning environment
JITT = just-in-time training


Another - while following links I had to look this up..

ILS - Immersive Learning Simulations   (I copied and pasted the reference so may be those should be lower case words)


Yes, phrasing is lowercase

The learning leader provided immersive learning simulations, sometimes referred to as ILS.

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