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Hello - New To eLearning

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to introduce myself and say hello. I'm new to eLearning but not to technology. I'm currently working with the group over at LeanForward and I'm excited to learn all I can about the benefits of elearning. I know they work with Lectora and a number of the other tools I've seen discussed on this forum.

I'm sure you'll see me randomly asking questions, so please help me out with insightful information! What resources do you suggest someone new to eLearning go look at?


Learning Dan


Helpful resources

Hi Dan,

I think the best way to learn about e-learning is to have a chance to see it in action. However, this can be a tricky thing to find as often it can be quite an internal experience in most organisations.

And although I may be a bit biased, you might find our site useful, as we show a lot of our work in videos across our site:

We've also created this page for people who are new to e-learning:

Good luck on your e-learning journey!



Hi Dan, My name is Sue and I

Hi Dan,

My name is Sue and I co-lead the Central Texas Lectora User Group. I visited the LeanForward site and it looks like y'all use the Lectora suite of projects. Would love to talk off line about your services.

One of the coolest books I've read lately is Designing Effective eLearning by Ben Pittman. It's a step by step guide on developing e-learning. I love the way he writes! He gives you a very practical and easy to comprehend approach for new developers. You might check it out from his website at

Thanks for posting!


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