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Humanizing eLearning With Informal Video by Tom Carroll & Katie O'Malley

As a medium for entertainment and learning, video is an Internet star. YouTube claims to have more than 1 billion unique visitors each month. Globally, 25% of all YouTube views are from mobile devices. Much of this new video content is shot on inexpensive equipment by amateur videographers. The videos feature friends and workplace experts – not professional actors – connecting with their viewers in refreshingly informal ways.

Join Katie O’Malley and her colleague Tom Carroll during their June 12th session at the 2013 E-Learning Symposium in Austin, Texas, titled “Humanizing E-Learning with Informal Video: Plusses, Pitfalls, and Practices.” During the session, Katie and Tom will step through the production of an actual informal video for a workplace learning project and share their challenges and triumphs. There will be plenty of examples provided to help you avoid common project pitfalls, focus on effective production practices, and decide whether informal video is right for your next e-learning project.

The folks at Radiolab thought informal video was right for their project. What do you think?

A RadioLab Example

Radiolab’s most recent blog post features show hosts Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich in an American Hipster video that documents the behind-the-scenes creation of Radiolab. There are two versions of the video – the informal RadioLab version and the full and “formal” American Hipster video.

Informal Version

The Radiolab version of the video has been shortened by nearly half and informal video clips have been added to the tip and tail of the piece.

Radiolab Behind the Scenes – 6 minutes

Radiolab Behind the Scenes from Radiolab on Vimeo.


Formal Version

Here’s the American Hipster version, which is nearly 11 minutes long. It features beautifully produced professional video where the hosts never “break the 4th wall” and directly address the viewers by looking into the camera.

Radiolab: Americal Hipster Presents #50 (New York City – Art) –11 minutes

Want to Play?

We’d like to learn with you think about informal video. If you would, please watch both videos and share via an entry to this blog your thoughts about how informal video does or does not enhance the Radiolab video version.

We hope to see you next week at the E-Learning Symposium!

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