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Input on E-Learning Council Site Accessibility

The E-Learning Council website is created in Drupal 6.0, an open source software.  It is a default installation with no customization (yet!). 
One of the things that is important to the group is the accessibility of the site.  Could y'all please provide some input on some of the things that need to be done to make the site more accessible. 
Sanjay Nasta


Minor Wording on Contact Us

Contact Us Page uses asterisks (“*”) with span tags to denote mandatory fields.  Just for good form, we should probably put a key at the bottom “* = Required Fields”.  Another easy fix for this form is to simply state at the top, “You can leave a message using the contact form below.  Please note all fields are required.”
Also, does anyone know how to get Jaws to read the span?  It works as a mouse over.


User Login Error

Do we have an option for moving login off the home page onto a dedicated “login page”?  When you type your user name and password wrong, the error message appears in the main body surrounded in DIV tags.  This makes figuring out if you successfully logged in awkward since the login and error message appear under different headings.


Floating H1 Tag on Home Page

There is an empty H1 tag on the home page (<h1 class="title"></h1>).  This appears to be part of the Drupal system and is probably set on a page by page basis.
Below is how Jaws renders the missing H1.
Jaws Display

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