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Interagency Training Council DimDim Presentation

On November 7th, Hiram Kuykendall from MicroAssist gave a DimDim presentation to the Interagency Training Council (ITC) at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). 

DimDim is an exciting Open Source presentation and collaborative tool similar to commercially available products such as Webx and GoToMeeting.  Functionally, DimDim allows the presenter to stream live video and/or audio, display Power Point presentations, share the presenter's desktop, use collaborative WhiteBoards and much more!  The focus of the presentation was to answer the question "But is it visually accessible"?

 To view the presentation and please go to


Here are some pictures from the presentation:

The Master of Ceremonies - Mike Sullivan!

Picture of Mike Sullivan

The Audience!

Picture of the Audiance

The Hiram and Kelly Show (almost as good as the Regis and Kelli show)

Picture of Hiram and Kelly and all their electronic equipment

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